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Wells Financial Services will help you find the Medicare Supplement policy that best suits your needs.  Companies providing Medicare Supplement policies are required to offer some, but not all, of the standard 12 plans designed by the 1990 OBRA law that requires all Medicare Supplement policies to be standardized.

An HMO can be a substitute for a Medicare Supplement and should be considered when you are selecting your plan.

Medicare – Part D is the prescription drug portion of your Medicare Supplemental insurance.  Plans can differ greatly between companies because of the prescription drugs that are covered under their formulary list so a careful study needs to be made to determine the best fit for you and your needs.

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Q.  When should I apply for a Medicare supplement policy?
A.  When you elect coverage under Medicare Part B either due to age or disability, you have a 6-month open enrollment for a Medicare supplement policy, which guarantees you coverage with a plan and company of your choice. You may choose from the 10 standardized plans (A-J). If you do not purchase a plan within your 6-month open enrollment, any company you apply with can deny coverage based on your health conditions.  There are some limited additional open enrollment periods available to some persons disenrolling from a Medicare HMO.

Q. I am not satisfied with the company I currently have my Medicare supplement with. How often can I switch companies?
A.  Each year on your Medicare supplement annual anniversary date you have the ability to switch companies as long as you apply for the same plan (A-J) that you currently are enrolled in and you apply for the policy within 30 days before or after your annual anniversary date.